Foundational Steps Toward Walking Out Gospel Fluency in Community

reorient study

This study was born out of the desire for every person to be confident not only in proclaiming the gospel but also in applying gospel foundations to their own lives and is designed to be a catechetical resource —for both new and seasoned believers—that rehearses the core gospel/story of God, establishes foundations for how we begin to live into the way of Jesus as a community, and introduces and explains the significance of sacraments like the Lord’s supper and baptism. Our goal is to be transformed by the word and the Spirit in community. As we grow in our understanding of our true story and better live into it, we’ll be able to more joyfully partner with the Living God to help our hurting and dying world start to look more and more like his glorious kingdom.

Be Transformed by the Word and the Spirit in Community

  • A guided process of prayer, worship, individual biblical reflection, prayerful conversation in community, and application.
  • A resource page with links to worship songs, videos, and other carefully curated media to engage the spirit, mind, and heart through 16 sessions of Bible study.
  • A journey that starts before creation in Ephesians 1 and ends at the renewal of all things in Revelation 21.
  • Right brains rejoice: the workbook has bullet journal spaces, not lines.
  • Questions designed not only to illuminate the scriptures, but also to allow people to support one another as they come into agreement with the word and the God of the word.
  • A beautiful project of writing and sharing a short confession of faith after looking at historical Christian creeds.
  • The process is designed to establish participants in the story of the Gospel and help them articulate it, as well as to live out foundational steps in responding to the Gospel as disciples of Jesus.

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